Boarding at Tonaya Farm

Horse boarding

Tonaya Farm is a quiet well-run equestrian facility.  Boarding is available in a metal center-aisle barn with attached runs.  Stalls with runs are 12' x 12' and the runs are 12' x 36'.   Horses are fed three times per day and stalls are cleaned daily.

Full Size Dressage Arena at Tonaya Farm

Dressage Arena

Tonaya Farm has a full-size (60 meters) dressage arena.  Footing is sand, and is dragged/groomed regularly.


Jumping Arena

Tonaya Farm has a jumping arena with a full course of jumps.  Lights are available for night riding.


Shed Row Stalls

Boarding is also available in shed row stalls.  These stalls are roomier than the barn stalls.  They have a run-in shelter at one end.  

Trailer parking at Tonaya Farm

Trailer Parking

Horse trailer parking is available on the property.

Round Pen at Tonaya Farm

Round Pen

A round pen is available for exercise, turn-out, or schooling.