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Boarding * Training * Instruction

Boarding * Training * Instruction

Boarding * Training * InstructionBoarding * Training * InstructionBoarding * Training * Instruction

Boarding, Training & Instruction


Horse Boarding at Tonaya Farm

Tonaya Farm is a clean and quiet horse boarding facility.  Horses are boarded in a center-aisle barn with runs off each 12 x 12 matted stall.  there are cross-ties, blanket bars and end doors to shut off the barn in case of high winds.  A secure tack room is located in the barn.  Alfalfa is fed 3 times per day; stalls are cleaned daily and water is cleaned and refreshed daily.  Grass hay is also available.

Shed Row Stalls

Outdoor horse boarding

Boarding is also available in our Shed Row Stalls.  These stall are bigger than the barn w/run stalls.  They have a 3-sided cinder block run-in shelter at one end.

Dressage Training

Dressage Training

Jose Luis is available to train your horse up the levels in dressage.   Instruction is also available on your horse or one of ours.

Jumping Training

Show Jumping training

Jose Luis is also available to train your horse to jump.  He can show your horse for you or coach you to show your horse.  

Eventing Training

Eventing in New Mexico

Jose Luis has tremendous experience in training horses to jump confidently cross country.  He can help you school your horse through water, over ditches, up and down banks, as well as skinnies, corners and other questions encountered cross country.

Riding Instruction


Marybeth is available to give riding lessons to beginners through intermediate riders.  We have school horses for first-time riders, as well as  for more advanced riders.